Friday, April 29, 2005

Good National Post interview with Harper

"But the public has to be challenged to be part of this clean-up. The public will evaluate who can be believed and who can't be believed. We have had a consistent position. The Liberal party is constantly changing its position. On everything. So the public shouldn't be surprised at the dishonesty we see there."

Something that seems to be widely ignored.

"If the Liberals had won a majority, they would have shut down the Gomery inquiry. Look at Somalia and APEC. These inquiries were shut down."

The Liberals were badgered into creating the inquiry by the Bloc, Conservatives and NDP last year after the Auditor-General's damning report that $250-million had been squandered or stolen in the sponsorship program.

Hopefully Harper and the Conservatives will be able to get this message out, and not be burried by Martin's Santa Claus act and the endless pleas of how Martin is as upset as everyone else but we must wait for Gomery's report, etc.