Monday, April 18, 2005

Martin: Defender of Health Care!

A few days ago Preston Manning and Mike Harris released a report in which they suggested ways in which they felt that Canada’s deplorable Health Care system could be improved. Their recommendations sound logical to me and are mostly things that I’ve long felt to be the direction that Canada should be taking, as anyone who has had dealings or knows someone who has had dealings with the Health Care System in the last few years will agree I am sure, what we are doing currently has serious problems and I would hazard to call them systemic flaws that throwing more money at won’t actually solve, or judging by the Liberals record in regards to high cost fixes, it will cost multiple times what they say it will and in the end the system will be in even worse shape then it is now.

Paul Martin took the time to accuse Stephen Harper of having a hidden agenda in regards to healthcare, in typical Martin fashion completely ignoring the YES or NO question asked by Mr. Harper. How a report by two people who are no longer directly associated with the party constitutes a hidden agenda I am not sure, but I also fail to see how Martin can bill himself as “Mr. Defender of the Canada Health Act” thereby insinuating that he is in turn defending and improving healthcare for Canadians, stating that he will “defend the Canada Health Act tooth and nail”. Leaving me confused as to where this staunch and determined defense of Health Care was when he was cutting billions of dollars in Health Care transfers to the provinces while he was Finance Minister. The Liberals have spent the last two elections using healthcare in their fear-mongering campaigns against the Conservative Party and will likely use the same tired tactic once more in the upcoming election (one which is looking like it will come sooner then later) ignoring the simple reality that A. They have repeatedly made promises to the Canadian people in regards to healthcare and have yet to make good on these promises and B. Could the healthcare system in Canada get much worse? When a person has to wait months, even years, for necessary surgery, when over one million Canadians are unable to find a family doctor, when people are dying due to lack of treatment, I hope that Canadians will take a long look at healthcare as Paul Martin, and to realize Martin and the Liberals shameful and utter failure in this area, one which they claim to be a top priority for them, how can they make any claim to effective government when they cannot make improvements on even their supposed highest priorities, I suppose they are too busy costing the Canadian taxpayer millions of dollars by canceling orders for badly needed helicopters and massively over-budget programs like the gun registry. Considering their record of contempt towards the taxpayers money, is the sponsorship scandal any wonder?