Tuesday, April 26, 2005

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Parrish won't help bring down government

Outspoken Independent MP Carolyn Parrish would love to give Prime Minister Paul Martin "the middle finger" and vote against the government in a non-confidence vote. But she won't do that.

"I will not support a non-confidence motion to bring down the government," the former Liberal said yesterday.

What bothers me though is this: Parrish, banished last year from the Liberal caucus after a spate of colourful anti-George W. Bush comments, what is with the insistance that she was banished after the anti-Bush comments? She was only banished after she said that she didn't care if the Liberals won the next election. Bush-bashing and furthering the damage to Canada/U.S. relations tolerable, daring to say that you don't care if the Liberals win the next election, an unthinkable crime.