Friday, April 22, 2005

Paul Martin's speech

First, Brock on the Attack had a prediction as to what he thought that Martin would say

As for what he actually said? It would be this

Text of the Harper speech here

Also a nice yahoo news story

Personally, I can't imagine that anyone will fall for Martin's desperate plea and at best all that he is doing is attempting to delay the inevitable. That said, I have watched the blatantly corrupt Liberals bounce from scandal to scandal for more then a decade without them ever really having to face the music. Maybe this is bigger, maybe Canadians (especially those in Ontario) will stand up and say that they won't take this anymore. Sadly, I am not yet completely optimistic as to this happening, Canadians have so far demonstrated a remarkable tolerance for corruption and incompetence from those in leadership, that said, in my home province of Saskatchewan there was once a Party by the name of the Progressive Conservatives.

What happened to this PC party you ask? Why, they had a scandal which involved eighteen members of the Legislative Assembly to face criminal charges, a few of them going to jail. The party was so deeply damaged that they were forced to disband themselves and their MLAs joined forces with a handful of disgruntled Liberals to form the Sask Party. Was there a point to this sojourn into Saskatchewan corruptions gone by? Not really.

The Liberals however refuse to face the electorate, refuse to be accountable for their actions, refuse to respect the ability of the individual voter from being able to come to their own conclusions about Gomery and use their votes as their way of judgment of the Liberal Party. With the hearings being aired on CPAC and the reams of information on the testimony available, I think that we as ordinary citizens can look at the evidence and come to a conclusion or two, however Scott Brison seems to disagree with this, believing that only Justice Gomery is able to view the facts and come up with a valid interpretation of it.

The Liberals hope to buy time to December and then hope that Gomery's report is the typical water-down Liberal report with a nice few recommendations that the Liberals can quickly implement and announce "see all that we are doing? We are cleaning the mess up! Aren't we a swell bunch of people, not crooks at all," and hope that the public is bored of the scandal and ready for more of the good ol' Conservatives are scary! and have a hidden agenda!, yes they want your children to be uneducated shlumps and will rip up the Canada Health Act and lock up all the gays! Because, it's not like the Liberals can run a campaign on things like say, their record.