Friday, April 29, 2005

Poll results skewed?

Of course it is also completely possible that we are simply paranoid, however this reminds me of the Saskatchewan election in '99 when right up until the votes were being counted the media was all assuming a comfortable NDP majority for Roy Romano and his merry crew of socialist quacks (though a far superior crew of socialist quacks then the socialist quacks that we are now stuck with), however once the votes were tallied it turned out that instead of the 35+ seats that the experts had all been predicting the NDP found themselves with 29 seats and a minority government, causing a lot of embarrassment for the pollsters who had been predicting the NDP majority (with the notable exception of the polling firm employed by the Sask Party which was predicting it to be far closer then the others).

So, are the polls accurate? I'd like to say that they aren't and they are attempts at misguiding the public by Liberal friendly polling firms and media, but at the same time, Canadians might simply be buying Martin's pile of crap, they bought it from Cretien for years, so why wouldn't they continue to be willing to fork out their tax dollars for more Liberal corruption, patronage and incompetence.