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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Are you or have you ever been a Christian?

What the Globe is missing

The Christian take-over

Ten most harmful books of the 19th and 20th centuries

Pretty much my thoughts exactly

For the last several months I've found myself slipping further and further over the ledge of Western Seperatism, don't get me wrong, I love Canada, I consider myself to be a patriot, if invaded I would be one of the first to defend it, but that said, I am beginning to wonder if my country loves me. I watch as the Liberals continue to destroy much of what I hold dear, and watch as my interests get ignored and belittle, as I am consistently mocked and treated with contempt or abject like of interest by those from Ontario.

Now, I have been watching the scandal, waiting to see if the government falls and if Canadians will at last stand up against the systemic corruption and mismanagement that the Liberals represent and overcome ridiculous and baseless fears of some obscure hidden agenda (which seems to be more of anti-Western sentiment then anything else), that said, I am not optimistic that this will be achieved, and I am not optimistic that Canada will be saved as a nation.

All I ask is that Canadians realize that though I cannot guarantee that Stephen Harper can save Canada, I can guarantee that continued Liberal governments will destroy it, and I for one will be amongst those leading the charge to leave, if my country doesn't want us, then perhaps we should no longer continue to demean ourselves by staying.

Stephen Taylor on Democracy Watch

Let's review:
The Liberals have many more donors donating more than $1,000 than all the other parties combined. (DW suggests the max limit should be reduced to $1,000 as most Canadians cannot afford to give as much as $5,000)

Gomery has revealed that the Liberals have allegedly used undeclared corporate-bankrolled "volunteer" labour to work election campaigns in Quebec.

The Liberal Party receives four times more money from riding associations and candidates than all the other parties combined. Remember that the identity of donors who donate to a candidate or riding association and then have their donation transferred to a party are not required to be disclosed quarterly, allowing parties to hide the identity of donors for up to 18 months.

Where does Democracy Watch find fault in the Conservative Party of Canada?

In a year where a commission of inquiry hears evidence about hundreds of thousands of dollars flowing to the Liberal Party in unreported, illegal cash and in-kind contributions, allegedly in exchange for favoritism in government ad contracts, Democracy Watch is worried about $85-a-year donors corrupting the process of government in Canada.

The Conservative Party has the largest base of individual financial support to the party and the party has raised the greatest sum of cash from these individuals. While Conservatives receive a substantial proportion of donations in the under $200 range, most of these donations are likely from Ma and Pa Conservative rather than funneled through corporations as the Liberals have been found to do. The only criticism leveled against the Conservatives, NDP, Bloc and Green Party is more appropriately directed at the system. The Liberal legislation allows anonymous contributions under $200 and it is not fair to say "all Canadians should assume that they are voting for politicians who lack integrity and have no problem with being corrupted by secret donations". The non-Liberal parties, including the Conservatives, are merely participants in a system governed by the rules written by Chretien and the Liberals.

Democracy Watch loses credibility in publishing such a report that damns all parties to the same degree while it is evident that the abuses are perpetrated by the Liberals. The suspicion of impropriety of the other parties is not a function of their fundraising practices, but of the defined system. One would think that instead of focusing on pithy $200-a-year undeclared donations that are most likely coming from genuine individual supporters of the Conservatives, NDP, Bloc and Green Party, Democracy Watch should first focus upon the need to stop the massive funnelling of illegal cash and corporate in-kind donations to the Liberal party.

Grewall tapes

Seems to me that Tim Murphy should win an award for his ability to say everything except what it is obvious that he is really saying. That said, I suspect that Grewall was looking for some sort of offer, or at least testing the waters to see what he might get, and not getting what he wanted pulled this trick instead.

The Riders are in the third day of training camp and once more the expectations of everyone here in Riderville are running high, no doubt soon to be dashed for another year, rather like farming, perhaps that is why Saskatchewanians are such avid fans of our generally hapless team.

Once more they have Nealon Greene at the helm as quarterback, their devotion to him bewilders me as he has never proven that he can be a winning quarterback in all his years in the league. I think that Henry Burris is more talented but the person who I would really have liked to have seen them keep was Kevin Glenn, who two years ago it seemed like every game that he came in on, whether because the Riders were way down or because Greene was injured again, he would lead them on a big comeback, on more then one occassion winning games that looked like sure losses before he came in.

Now he didn't do much with Winnipeg last year, but Greene hasn't done much in his whole time in Saskatchewan and I think that it's time to quit being so determined to keep playing him, I know that Danny Barrett likes to support his QBs but his devotion to Greene is ridiculous.

Deep Throat has revealed himself

It is a sad day really, now people can no longer stand around guessing who he might be, though I don't know that many people actually did that, but still, the mystery of it has been lost.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Time selects top 100 movies of all-time

I cut my finger somewhat badly yesterday, I thought you'd want to know this.

Andrew Coyne: Conservative loss a victory?

I tend to agree that in some ways it is, or at least not a massive negative, however I'm still unconvinced that conditions are likely to ever really improve for the Tories, at least not in the manner that one would think that they should considering the level of corruption involved.

Liberal link round-up

Liberal vote-buying illegal, unethical, or just politics?

Former PMO staffer paid under the table

Liberals might ignore future confidence votes

Gomery Inquiry may hurt Canada's international credibility says Raymond Cretein

You think Einstein? Though to be technical, it is more the scandal that gave need for the existance of said inquiry that would be likely to do the hurting of Canada's international credibility.

I don't actually know how much we had left to prior to the scandal either, what with the Liberals confused handling of foreign affairs over the last several years.

And finally, Parrish to return to Liberals?

It doesn't surprise me that the offer is open, I was actually somewhat surprised that Martin didn't make the offer to her prior to the confidence vote. Though I think that the primary reason that he didn't is that she rendered such offers unnecessary by saying from the beginning that she intended to vote with the government.

Of course the media will no doubt be enthused by her rejoining the Liberals as they always seemed to find it stunning that they would have ousted her in the first place.

EDIT: I forgot, Martin most likely leader to cheat on an exam, Macleans poll

Monte Solberg on the NDP deal

The real big story from the Kroll report

CTV nor the CBC siphoned through the Kroll Report. Both only announced that the new amount of Sponsorhip money is increased to $355 million from $250 million. I'd like to thank those two stations for not informing the public about what our government did in order to get that extra money to the Sponsorship programs.

The two did focus on Liberal Party donations which is up over the $2 million mark (if cash envelopes are included) but they didn't extrapolate that Kroll indicated dividends from the investment of public money given to the ad agencies were paid out to the Liberal Party in some instances.

Since there is no list of shareholders for each of the companies in this report, the amount the Liberal Party of Canada received is probably underestimated as each of those shareholders in each of the ad agencies could have donated as well.


The Prime Minister, the Privy Council Office and the Treasury Board approved $40.1 million dollars for Special Programs and Sponsorship (SPS) spending of the public revenue without Parliament's approval for authorization to spend. $16.5 million was transferred to Public Works by other Government of Canada departments for SPS contracts. $305.1 million of the public revenue for SPS was managed externally by third party agencies. Only $26.8 million was managed internally by the Government of Canada.

Public Works repeatedly did not provide the Parliament with detailed information or segregated data on how each branch of the department was going to utilize the money for SPS, in some cases information was withheld from Parliament yet allowed requests for public funds to go undetailed by the Treasury Board. Kroll could not continue their audit because documentation was missing from the Ministry for specific years early in the formation of the setup of the SPS account.


Kroll could not continue their audit because documentation was missing from the Ministry for specific years early in the formation of the setup of the SPS account

But I thought that the government was cooperating completely with the commission?

David Orchard is to Conservative politics what Wierd Al Yankovic is to diesel engine rebuilding.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Brock on national unity

Goose Bay voters condone corruption, disdain for democracy and the disolution of Canada.

Though the victory of the Libs in the riding isn't surprising considering it doesn't exactly have a history of being a swing riding, it is somewhat disappointing that they failed to understand exactly what it is that they were voting on. What the Conservatives need to make clear is that any vote for the Liberals is one that condones corruption, or at least that is how it will be viewed by seperatists in Quebec and areas of Western Canada.

Wait for Gomery, Don't wait for Gomery

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Monte Solberg on the week that was

I will entertain a recurring and dangerous fantasy that politics at bottom is about what is just. From this shaky premise I will, I am sure wrongly, conclude that justice implies the frightening idea of a moral standard.

This wild idea being firmly and I suppose errantly fixed in my brain I will, like a more ridiculous Don Quixote, retreat to my modest castle to bind up my wounds, to marshall my resources and to gird again for battle.

When beating gays is politically correct

MPAA blames BitTorrent for Star Wars distribution

Somebody better find a twelve year old girl to sue over this one, that's what the RIAA would do.

Captains Quarter: Is Harper done as leader?

I think really the biggest problem with Stephen Harper is this, he has allowed the Liberals to define him. The Liberals are desperately calling for a "return to decorum" as though the Conservatives are the bad guys, ignoring the whole fact that they used public funds to finance their election campaigns, ignoring the fact that they have repeatedly refused to co-operate in this Parliament, ignoring the fact that they have sunk to the lowest levels of politics in buying votes by way of cabinet positions and budget changes.

The Liberals have proven that they do not deserve to be in government, that they do not deserve anyones co-operation, but yet, those who dare to be outraged at the actions of the Liberals are bullies, those who are angry at Stronach for selling out, sexist. I fear that we are fighting a losing war. And what will be lost? Canada, it seems that urban Ontario fails to understand the simple reality that I don't think that we can get back to "governing", not as long as the Libs are in power, misusing our money and destroying democracy.

The Conservatives need to turn the tables on the Liberals, so to speak, and use some of their own tactics, they need to start insinuating that if the Liberals remain in power then Quebec will seperate, and western Canada will follow (perhaps even precede) and it will be the end of Canada.

The thing is, I don't think that this is fear-mongering, unlike the ridiculous labels that the Liberals have managed to pin on us for years, this is quite realistically reality, a reality that we need to make those in eastern Canada who wish to see Canada remain one nation see.

Or we could concede

Thursday, May 19, 2005

We lost the vote and I heard from several people, well, it probably really isn't the best time anyways, we wouldn't have won definitely, it would have been another minority government, things would all be the same. The thing is, I don't know that there is ever going to actually be a better time for an election in reality, we have a major scandal and an incompent government that has repeatedly refused to act in good faith or listen to the will of the House (though of course they are today when they bought themselves a victory), they have all but destroyed public faith in the government, and have caused serious harm to the integrity of our democracy, and yet, they are still leading or close in most polls, leaving me doubting that short of Paul Martin being arrested for murder, there is anything that could happen that will actually cause any real change in the numbers.

Of course the Liberals are redoubling their pleas for a "return to civility" in the House of Commons as a part of their continued attempts to make the Conservatives out to be the bad guys in this whole affair and ignore the fact that blame for the lack of civility and the increasing public cynicism towards government falls largely (not entirely I will admit, but they have to take the lions share of the blame) on the shouldrs of Paul Martin and his government (with a good deal of help from Jean Cretien).

This is interesting as well..., I never believed you anyways Paul.

Librano trust fund, a perspective

What I want to know is why the Liberals feel that Stephen Harper should apologize for supposed sexist comments made by provincial PC MLA's but they don't have the same conviction that Paul Martin should apologize for Liberal Cabinet Minister Joe Volpe's actual racist comments.

Definition of a Whore

whore; Pronunciation Key (hôr, hr)

1. A prostitute.
2. A person considered sexually promiscuous.
3. A person considered as having compromised principles for personal gain.

intr.v. whored, whor·ing, whores

1. To associate or have sexual relations with prostitutes or a prostitute.
2. To accept payment in exchange for sexual relations.
3. To compromise one's principles for personal gain.

EDIT: After some contemplation I have realised that we are being entirely unfair to Stronach to suggest that she whored herself out to the Liberals, as the definition clearly states she would have had to compromise her principles in order to do that, and she has never demonstrated that she has any principles (other then Belinda should be Prime Minister) in which to compromise.

These Tory defections all seem to end up being personal in regards to Peter MacKay don't they? If you've ever seen Scott Brison in the same interview with MacKay you'll know what I mean.

Update, Peter MacKay on what he intends to do next week, "I'm going to go home and maybe walk my dog. Dogs are loyal."

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Small Dead Animals

Mike Brock

Belinda, you're worried what might happen with the Bloc picking up more seats in a spring election? You better be double-worried by the f*cking backlash from Quebec voters when -- with your help -- the Liberals are returned to power.

You are helping the very party which has put us both in a sovereignty crisis, and in what appears to be amounting to a constitutional crisis in our parliamentary system.

I don't think your "soul searching" wasn't very deep. No, I recken it was shallow and plain. Much like you. Face it, all the time you spend contemplating away these past few days was figuring out how you could spin this without appearing like a backstabbing, untrustworthy, sell-out.

Andrew Coyne

Captain's Quarters here and here

Colby Cosh

Stronach, the Paris Hilton of Canadian politics

Some of the comments on Brock's post

She doesn't understand that it is the Liberals that are driving the separatist engine? There is no excuse for this except what I have been saying for weeks. She was a Liberal all along and was just messing with our heads.

Power hungry...
Socially liberal...
Filthy stinking rich...
Power Hungry...


Really? My first reaction is... well... I won't write it here. But my second reaction was, how could she cross the floor with all the scum on the Liberal side?


My first reaction was holy *bleep.* This country is doomed. I can't believe this, at all. It's bad enough I was having nightmares of another Liberal squeak through. This just stabs Canadians in the back.

Well, now that we live in a banana republic, what do we do? Frick I'm angry.


The Idiot Traitor will not longer be referred to by here name.

I suppose being Conservative was cramping her style at Bill Clinton's parties

And that was only what the first four comments?

On CBC they were interviewing people from her riding and many of them seemed to be as upset and betrayed as I feel, though my Mom's reaction was, "they can have her."

At least this allows us real Conservatives to state how we really have felt about her all along in public.

When I first heard about Belinda Stronach's defection my immediate feeling was one of anger, anger that she would betray the people of Canada for a cabinet post. She stated in her press conference that she couldn't stay in a party that was aligning itself with the seperatists and suggested that should the government fall it would leave the Bloc to powerful if the Conservatives formed government, yet, she joined the party that created the Sponsorship Program from which the Bloc is generating much of its current support.

It's fairly apparent to me that she did it not for any supposed principle, but simply because she has realized over the last few months that she is unlikely to ever succeed in becoming leader of the Conservative Party and thus its on to the Liberals to see if she can get to the top there. It is a move of ambition.

Hopefully Canadians will see this for the desperate attempt of Paul Martin to cling to power no matter the cost that is it.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

BC regulating blogs?

So much for the freedom of expression supposedly enshrined in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, "You can say whatever you want as long as it's not your opinion, that has to be controlled and regulated."

Well, with the tales of corruption in the Liberals, the Calgary Police Chief who seized the computer of a journalist who ran a website that dared to criticize him and then slapped a publication ban on the subject preventing her from defending herself, and now such things as this, Canada seems to be determined to turn itself fully into a totalitarian government.

Why we can't have a vote today

"Ladies and gentlemen, as the Prime Minister I am very, very concerned about you. Every man, woman and child in Canada is my number one priority. For your sake, for Canada's sake I know that it's time that we cleared the air immediately on whether or not this government actually has the confidence of Parliament. I firmly believe that vote we had the other night was a kind of straw poll, more than an actual confidence motion. If you read the motion you will find that it said the word "committee" in it. Obviously this means that the vote isn't valid, therefore I conclude that we actually do have the support of Parliament. But just to be double sure I am prepared to hold another vote pretty soon to lay this issue to rest.

We can't have the vote today because I have to get a haircut this afternoon. Tomorrow is out too because we have got a guy from Mali here that I'm supposed to hang out with. Next Monday won't work because Sheila has booked the cat to go see the vet about hairballs, and she can't handle the cat because he hates the car, and we don't have one of those travel cages. So it's pretty much up to me to do that. So as you can see, Monday is out. Tuesday and Wednesday I will travel to Regina to be with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The connections to and from Regina are awful so I will need at least two days for that. That leaves next Thursday. Next Thursday isn't that great either. I have a golf game scheduled with Herle, but I am prepared to set that aside for you. That's right -- I'm doing this for you. I'm looking at you right now through this television camera lens. Yes you, you are my number one priority. So, Thursday it is. That is the day that I think we can vote to affirm Parliament's support for this government. However, if something comes up we might have to delay things for a little while. Thank you."

Top ten reasons to have an election now

Though I wonder if the Liberals are banking on an election in regards to the buckets of cash that they are promising to everyone and anyone in a desperate attempt to buy as many votes as possible, each and every one with the warning "if the budget doesn't pass..." hanging over it, it seems to me that they want the budget to fail so that they can attempt to use all this promised cash as their weapon against corruption.

"We're not corrupt, we just want to buy your vote with promises of lots of public money"

Ralph Klein says he anticipates that the border be closed to Canadian cattle for two more years. What I fail to understand is why the American policy towards Canada seems to be primarily determined to hurt Western Canada when we are the part of Canada general most inclined to be sympathetic towards the U.S...

Volpe asks RCMP to investigate to Tory MPs

Conservative campaign chair John Reynolds says the Liberals are using the police to smear the party.

"I'm absolutely ashamed that a minister of the government would go against other MPs, bringing in the RCMP and wasting taxpayers' dollars," he said.

Perhaps, but then a couple weeks ago Volpe was comparing the Tories to the KKK...

Canadians ought to realize that this week's breakdown of their Parliament is far more serious than any of the thuggish revelations from the Gomery commission. As of this weekend, we are in the historically unprecedented situation of having a Prime Minister who is clinging to office by recklessly disregarding the fundamental principles of our democracy. It is a shocking act of proto-tyranny, which justifies the extreme resort of intervention by the Governor-General.

I am not writing this lightly or with any knowledge of or involvement in any party's strategy. Nor do I think that most Canadians understand or perhaps even care about the complexities of the constitutional imbroglio that has unfolded since the opposition began defeating the government in the Commons last Wednesday. Canada this weekend has a government clinging to office against the repeatedly expressed wishes of a majority of the democratically elected members of the House of Commons.

In some countries at some times in their history, a situation like this would lead to citizens taking to the streets in protest. Instead, even those Canadians who notice the situation are content with the thought that it will probably only last until Thursday. Surely a few days of unconstitutionality can't matter.

But they do matter immensely, both for their immediate implications, and as precedent. The defeat of the Martin government on Tuesday came on a procedural, not a confidence motion, but it was such a clear sign that a majority of the House of Commons do not support the government that virtually all constitutional experts are agreed that an immediate test of the House's confidence was required.

Instead of doing this, the government proposed a nine-day delay, offering reasons for the delay so transparently bogus as to affront the intelligence of a 10-year-old. The British Columbia election has nothing whatever to do with the affairs of the Parliament of Canada. The visit of the Queen, a constitutional monarch whose activities are absolutely ceremonial and apolitical, cannot possibly in the 21st century take precedence over the need to resolve an impasse in our elected Parliament.

Paul Martin had a constitutional and moral responsibility to ascertain the confidence of the House of Commons on Wednesday. When he failed in this responsibility he was thumbing his nose at the conventions of responsible government and modern democracy. His government continued to disregard their constitutional responsibilities on Thursday and yesterday, leaving a frustrated opposition to demonstrate its lack of confidence repeatedly by taking control of parliamentary affairs in one vote after another. A government that has been shown to be unable to govern has stated that it will continue to stand in contempt of Parliament for the first three days of next week, but will finally face an explicit test of confidence on Thursday.

The problem with this strategy is that the unconstitutional delay in scheduling the vote of confidence saps it of its legitimacy. If the ministry, which is also manipulating all the levers of power every day it clings to office, wins the vote on Thursday the opposition will have every right to cry foul and continue to contest the government's legitimacy. It will almost certainly paralyze Parliament. At the very least the government's strategy is creating parliamentary bitterness and distrust such as we have never seen in the modern history of Canada. At worst, we are creating the kinds of precedents involving the erosion of our Constitution that in other countries have been initial steps on the road to dictatorship...

Via Andrew Coyne

"It's a lovely combination, isn't it? The Chretien government seems to have been infiltrated by organized crime -- no, it was organized crime -- while the Martin government merrily chops away at the constitution. How I long for the days when we were merely spending ourselves into the poorhouse and hurtling towards a secession crisis. What's that? We are?"

Friday, May 06, 2005

Liberals took $300,000 in illegal cash, dirty money as the Bloq is so fond of calling it...

Because Polls are fun and it predicts that the Conservatives would win a minority if the election was held today

It also claims that a majority of Canadians support a spring election. Sorta weakens Martins cries of how Canadians don't want an election seeing that they uh, do?

Oh well, perhaps they'll just buy Dave Kilgour's vote, one would think that quitting a party would also mean that you wouldn't prop them up, but heh, what do I know?

Thursday, May 05, 2005

A bunch of CP stories about Guite's testimony

Of course there is the denials on the "unproven allegations" as Scott "wait for the report" Brison is so fond of saying.

From the Globe

Andrew Coyne's commentary on the article

From CTV

He also claimed ad contracts were routinely handed out to reward ad agencies that did election work for the Liberals.
"It was politically driven," he said, explaining that he was constantly being told to help out the party's friends such as ad executive Jacques Corriveau.
Accused of exploiting a personal relationship with former prime minister Jean Chretien, Corriveau has denied the two were close.
But in his testimony, Guite said that in 1994, then-public works minister David Dingwall told him a different story.
"If you ever meet someone in bed between Jean Chretien and his wife, it'll be Corriveau," recalling Dingwall's remarks. "His comment was, you'll look after him."


Guite had already left the civil service by then, and was lobbying the government on behalf of the Toronto-based advertising agency Vickers and Benson Ltd.

Hoping to secure the future of his firm's ad contracts with Ottawa, Guite said he had lunch with his former boss, Public Works Minister Alfonso Gagliano.

"He said he'd look after it," Guite told the commission.

A week later, Guite says he got a call from Gagliano's chief of staff, Pierre Tremblay.

"The minister had spoken with both ministers and the volume of business would be maintained," Guite testified. He claimed he was assured Vicker's contracts with two federal departments -- Industry under John Manley and Finance under Paul Martin -- were safe.

Seems to me like the Liberals are going to have a harder time denying that Martin is simply clueless and wasn't at least peripherally involved in it. Though I really don't see how it is all that much better for Martin to have not been involved and have been Finance Minister and still know nothing at all about what was going on, essentially in my mind the choices are; He was corrupt, He was incompetent, or He was Willfully Ignorant, much like Grant Devine was with his Tory government in the 80s of which several members of his caucus later ended up in jail and yet Devine somehow missed that half his cabinet was corrupt and stealing money including his Deputy Premier Eric Berntson

The Liberals like to sue

Thus their new election theme song A Boy Named Sue

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

McCain could beat Hilary

That would be a lousy selection of candidates in a race between those two.

The U.S. would almost be better off with Jennifer Lopez

Atrocities Paintings anger War Amps

Two paintings depicting atrocities committed by Canadian soldiers should not hang in the Canadian War Museum, says the head of the country's largest veterans association.

In a letter to the editor of an Ottawa newspaper, Cliff Chadderton argues that the paintings are a "trashy, insulting tribute" and should not be part of a museum honouring Canada's military heritage.

History of CSL

Say it ain't so Joe

Some more question period fodder for the Conservatives tomorrow eh, because they were lacking in questions anyways, after all, Scott Brison and good ole Ralph seem to trot out the same answers no matter what the question, for an example, here is Brison in action (with thanks to Kate from Small Dead Animals

Mr. Vic Toews (Provencher, CPC): Mr. Speaker, former Prime Minister Jean Chrétien is going to court to shut down Justice Gomery's commission in the same way the Liberals shut down the APEC and Somalia inquiries. The current Prime Minister claims that his government will defend Gomery, but it turns out Gomery wants his own lawyers because, as Gomery's lawyer said, he cannot trust government lawyers to defend the commission.

Why can Justice Gomery not trust the government's lawyers to defend his commission?

Hon. Scott Brison (Minister of Public Works and Government Services, Lib.): Mr. Speaker, the Prime Minister has consistently supported the work of Justice Gomery. Our government has consistently supported the work of Justice Gomery. The only people I know who want Justice Gomery to fail and who want Canadians to make a rash decision based on unproven allegations and not on the truth of the Gomery report are the Conservative Party and the separatists who want this Parliament to fail because the Bloc wants Canada to fail.


Mrs. Diane Ablonczy (Calgary--Nose Hill, CPC): Mr. Speaker, the government repeatedly promises to be open and transparent but behind closed doors it is a different ugly reality. The Prime Minister recently admitted that fellow Liberals pushed to hide the sponsorship scandal. He confessed that he had received "tons" of advice to "put it under the rug". Who are the tons of people in the PMO and in the cabinet counselling deceit and cover-up?

Hon. Scott Brison (Minister of Public Works and Government Services, Lib.): Mr. Speaker, I am proud to stand by a Prime Minister who is willing to do the right thing and put country before party, to put principle before partisan strategy and to put Canadians first in his support for Justice Gomery so Canadians have the truth.

We are not as interested in partisan strategy over here. We are interested in getting to the truth for Canadians because Canadians deserve the truth.

Mrs. Diane Ablonczy (Calgary--Nose Hill, CPC): Mr. Speaker, the inquiry came about because it was far too late for the Liberals to bury their misdeeds. The Auditor General had already sounded the alarm. The Prime Minister did the next best thing. He tied Gomery's hands.

The terms of reference prohibit Gomery from "expressing any conclusion or recommendation regarding the civil or criminal liability of any person or organization".

Why is the government hiding from Canadians the fact that Gomery is not allowed to say who the guilty parties are, as the Prime Minister promises?

Hon. Scott Brison (Minister ofWorks and Government Services, Lib.): Mr. Speaker, the fact is there are criminal charges against some individuals, including Mr. Brault, their much flaunted friend over there. The fact is we have launched civil actions against 19 firms and agencies to recover $41 million from those individuals.

Beyond that, there is a parallel process to the Gomery commission that is aimed at accomplishing two things: first, providing Canadians with an analysis of what happened in the fact finding part of his work; and, second, prescriptives to ensure it does not happen again.

His mandate is clear and the mandate of all parliamentarians in the House is clear: to make this Parliament work..............

I think that the Libs really need to find a new non-answerer for QP, Brison seems to have reached his limits and the repetition of his non-answers is getting to be ridiculous to say the least.

BC girl ordered to go home and get treatment

TORONTO - An Ontario judge has ordered a 14-year-old B.C. girl, who says her religion forbids blood transfusions, to return home from Toronto immediately.

The teen, a Jehovah's Witness, has cancer. Her treatment may require transfusions.

A B.C. judge ruled on April 11 that because of her age, she can't refuse transfusions if doctors determine they are medically necessary.

On Tuesday, Justice Victor Paisley of Ontario Superior Court backed the B.C. decision.

I don't really know what I think about this, should religious freedom extend to potentially endangering the life of a child? The courts don't seem to believe so, and I would think that the average person would tend to agree, but one could argue that she and her parents should have the right to seek treatment as they see fit, whether that treatment is the best treatment for her or not and it is infringing upon their rights to force her to return to B.C. to receive treatment.

There was another case somewhat similar several years ago where a boy refused treatment for religious grounds and the family fought to allow him to go to Mexico to receive treatment, eventually he was allowed to go and shortly thereafter he died of his illness, thus leaving me leaning towards supporting the court decision on this one.

Ottawa to fight attempts to extend publication ban

No appeal, Air India families told

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Another good post from Monte Solberg

Liberals can get away with saying that the Conservatives have a hidden agenda when they know that many people will never ask themselves, "Is this true?" . But I shouldn't be too hard on these people. They keep the economy going. Without them who would go to the Michael Moore movies to learn about foreign policy? Without them Naomi Klein couldn't have become a multi-bazillionaire by writing about the evils of capitalism.

Yeesh, think about it. The same people who say that all politicians are liars, or are only in it for themselves, will also blindly accept the liberals word that their opponents have a hidden agenda. Truth is, it was the Liberals who had an agenda that they kept hidden for several years. They had an agenda to become Automatic Millionaires well before David Bach wrote a book with that title and without having to do annoying things like working hard and saving. They are now talking about that agenda before Judge Gomery.

My point is that rigorous analysis and critical thinking is what Liberals fear the most. That's why if you question the effectiveness of our immigration system they call you a racist. Question gay marriage and you are a homophobe. Question the effectiveness of our healthcare system and you favour US style private healthcare. Question the decision to stay out of missile defence and you are an American toady. Question aboriginal policy and you are a bigot. Question the sponsorship program and you are an enemy of Canada. Question the NDP/Liberal coalition and you are in bed with the separatists. In other words, no questioning please, we're Canadians.

Besides if you question things that others do it could lead to an argument, which can be darn unpleasant. So in the name of tolerance, avert your eyes. Too bad about that thing where native women don't have matrimonial property rights, but who are we to impose our beliefs on others?

Bottom line...let's just let the Liberals run things because their only concern is our well being. We can trust the Liberals!

Was hearing on the radio today that the farmers who attempted to take on the Wheat Board 9 years ago by illegally transporting grain to buyers in the U.S. finally won something. I've always been less then enthused about their chosen method, and I think that my skepticism is justified by the fact that the Wheat Board still exists.

The Wheat Board is a good idea in theory, it just doesn't work in reality. Perhaps the problem with Canada's agricultural policy is that we have all the disadvantages of a socialistic, government enforced monopoly, without the advantages in way of government subsidization, meanwhile, we have to compete against the U.S. which not only has a more open system for marketing their produce, but is also subsidized.

Trouble with taxes

Monday, May 02, 2005

Why the Liberals want to wait for Gomery's report