Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Another good post from Monte Solberg

Liberals can get away with saying that the Conservatives have a hidden agenda when they know that many people will never ask themselves, "Is this true?" . But I shouldn't be too hard on these people. They keep the economy going. Without them who would go to the Michael Moore movies to learn about foreign policy? Without them Naomi Klein couldn't have become a multi-bazillionaire by writing about the evils of capitalism.

Yeesh, think about it. The same people who say that all politicians are liars, or are only in it for themselves, will also blindly accept the liberals word that their opponents have a hidden agenda. Truth is, it was the Liberals who had an agenda that they kept hidden for several years. They had an agenda to become Automatic Millionaires well before David Bach wrote a book with that title and without having to do annoying things like working hard and saving. They are now talking about that agenda before Judge Gomery.

My point is that rigorous analysis and critical thinking is what Liberals fear the most. That's why if you question the effectiveness of our immigration system they call you a racist. Question gay marriage and you are a homophobe. Question the effectiveness of our healthcare system and you favour US style private healthcare. Question the decision to stay out of missile defence and you are an American toady. Question aboriginal policy and you are a bigot. Question the sponsorship program and you are an enemy of Canada. Question the NDP/Liberal coalition and you are in bed with the separatists. In other words, no questioning please, we're Canadians.

Besides if you question things that others do it could lead to an argument, which can be darn unpleasant. So in the name of tolerance, avert your eyes. Too bad about that thing where native women don't have matrimonial property rights, but who are we to impose our beliefs on others?

Bottom line...let's just let the Liberals run things because their only concern is our well being. We can trust the Liberals!