Sunday, May 22, 2005

Captains Quarter: Is Harper done as leader?

I think really the biggest problem with Stephen Harper is this, he has allowed the Liberals to define him. The Liberals are desperately calling for a "return to decorum" as though the Conservatives are the bad guys, ignoring the whole fact that they used public funds to finance their election campaigns, ignoring the fact that they have repeatedly refused to co-operate in this Parliament, ignoring the fact that they have sunk to the lowest levels of politics in buying votes by way of cabinet positions and budget changes.

The Liberals have proven that they do not deserve to be in government, that they do not deserve anyones co-operation, but yet, those who dare to be outraged at the actions of the Liberals are bullies, those who are angry at Stronach for selling out, sexist. I fear that we are fighting a losing war. And what will be lost? Canada, it seems that urban Ontario fails to understand the simple reality that I don't think that we can get back to "governing", not as long as the Libs are in power, misusing our money and destroying democracy.

The Conservatives need to turn the tables on the Liberals, so to speak, and use some of their own tactics, they need to start insinuating that if the Liberals remain in power then Quebec will seperate, and western Canada will follow (perhaps even precede) and it will be the end of Canada.

The thing is, I don't think that this is fear-mongering, unlike the ridiculous labels that the Liberals have managed to pin on us for years, this is quite realistically reality, a reality that we need to make those in eastern Canada who wish to see Canada remain one nation see.

Or we could concede