Thursday, May 26, 2005

Liberal link round-up

Liberal vote-buying illegal, unethical, or just politics?

Former PMO staffer paid under the table

Liberals might ignore future confidence votes

Gomery Inquiry may hurt Canada's international credibility says Raymond Cretein

You think Einstein? Though to be technical, it is more the scandal that gave need for the existance of said inquiry that would be likely to do the hurting of Canada's international credibility.

I don't actually know how much we had left to prior to the scandal either, what with the Liberals confused handling of foreign affairs over the last several years.

And finally, Parrish to return to Liberals?

It doesn't surprise me that the offer is open, I was actually somewhat surprised that Martin didn't make the offer to her prior to the confidence vote. Though I think that the primary reason that he didn't is that she rendered such offers unnecessary by saying from the beginning that she intended to vote with the government.

Of course the media will no doubt be enthused by her rejoining the Liberals as they always seemed to find it stunning that they would have ousted her in the first place.

EDIT: I forgot, Martin most likely leader to cheat on an exam, Macleans poll