Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Pretty much my thoughts exactly

For the last several months I've found myself slipping further and further over the ledge of Western Seperatism, don't get me wrong, I love Canada, I consider myself to be a patriot, if invaded I would be one of the first to defend it, but that said, I am beginning to wonder if my country loves me. I watch as the Liberals continue to destroy much of what I hold dear, and watch as my interests get ignored and belittle, as I am consistently mocked and treated with contempt or abject like of interest by those from Ontario.

Now, I have been watching the scandal, waiting to see if the government falls and if Canadians will at last stand up against the systemic corruption and mismanagement that the Liberals represent and overcome ridiculous and baseless fears of some obscure hidden agenda (which seems to be more of anti-Western sentiment then anything else), that said, I am not optimistic that this will be achieved, and I am not optimistic that Canada will be saved as a nation.

All I ask is that Canadians realize that though I cannot guarantee that Stephen Harper can save Canada, I can guarantee that continued Liberal governments will destroy it, and I for one will be amongst those leading the charge to leave, if my country doesn't want us, then perhaps we should no longer continue to demean ourselves by staying.