Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The Riders are in the third day of training camp and once more the expectations of everyone here in Riderville are running high, no doubt soon to be dashed for another year, rather like farming, perhaps that is why Saskatchewanians are such avid fans of our generally hapless team.

Once more they have Nealon Greene at the helm as quarterback, their devotion to him bewilders me as he has never proven that he can be a winning quarterback in all his years in the league. I think that Henry Burris is more talented but the person who I would really have liked to have seen them keep was Kevin Glenn, who two years ago it seemed like every game that he came in on, whether because the Riders were way down or because Greene was injured again, he would lead them on a big comeback, on more then one occassion winning games that looked like sure losses before he came in.

Now he didn't do much with Winnipeg last year, but Greene hasn't done much in his whole time in Saskatchewan and I think that it's time to quit being so determined to keep playing him, I know that Danny Barrett likes to support his QBs but his devotion to Greene is ridiculous.