Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Small Dead Animals

Mike Brock

Belinda, you're worried what might happen with the Bloc picking up more seats in a spring election? You better be double-worried by the f*cking backlash from Quebec voters when -- with your help -- the Liberals are returned to power.

You are helping the very party which has put us both in a sovereignty crisis, and in what appears to be amounting to a constitutional crisis in our parliamentary system.

I don't think your "soul searching" wasn't very deep. No, I recken it was shallow and plain. Much like you. Face it, all the time you spend contemplating away these past few days was figuring out how you could spin this without appearing like a backstabbing, untrustworthy, sell-out.

Andrew Coyne

Captain's Quarters here and here

Colby Cosh

Stronach, the Paris Hilton of Canadian politics

Some of the comments on Brock's post

She doesn't understand that it is the Liberals that are driving the separatist engine? There is no excuse for this except what I have been saying for weeks. She was a Liberal all along and was just messing with our heads.

Power hungry...
Socially liberal...
Filthy stinking rich...
Power Hungry...


Really? My first reaction is... well... I won't write it here. But my second reaction was, how could she cross the floor with all the scum on the Liberal side?


My first reaction was holy *bleep.* This country is doomed. I can't believe this, at all. It's bad enough I was having nightmares of another Liberal squeak through. This just stabs Canadians in the back.

Well, now that we live in a banana republic, what do we do? Frick I'm angry.


The Idiot Traitor will not longer be referred to by here name.

I suppose being Conservative was cramping her style at Bill Clinton's parties

And that was only what the first four comments?

On CBC they were interviewing people from her riding and many of them seemed to be as upset and betrayed as I feel, though my Mom's reaction was, "they can have her."

At least this allows us real Conservatives to state how we really have felt about her all along in public.