Thursday, May 19, 2005

We lost the vote and I heard from several people, well, it probably really isn't the best time anyways, we wouldn't have won definitely, it would have been another minority government, things would all be the same. The thing is, I don't know that there is ever going to actually be a better time for an election in reality, we have a major scandal and an incompent government that has repeatedly refused to act in good faith or listen to the will of the House (though of course they are today when they bought themselves a victory), they have all but destroyed public faith in the government, and have caused serious harm to the integrity of our democracy, and yet, they are still leading or close in most polls, leaving me doubting that short of Paul Martin being arrested for murder, there is anything that could happen that will actually cause any real change in the numbers.

Of course the Liberals are redoubling their pleas for a "return to civility" in the House of Commons as a part of their continued attempts to make the Conservatives out to be the bad guys in this whole affair and ignore the fact that blame for the lack of civility and the increasing public cynicism towards government falls largely (not entirely I will admit, but they have to take the lions share of the blame) on the shouldrs of Paul Martin and his government (with a good deal of help from Jean Cretien).