Tuesday, May 17, 2005

When I first heard about Belinda Stronach's defection my immediate feeling was one of anger, anger that she would betray the people of Canada for a cabinet post. She stated in her press conference that she couldn't stay in a party that was aligning itself with the seperatists and suggested that should the government fall it would leave the Bloc to powerful if the Conservatives formed government, yet, she joined the party that created the Sponsorship Program from which the Bloc is generating much of its current support.

It's fairly apparent to me that she did it not for any supposed principle, but simply because she has realized over the last few months that she is unlikely to ever succeed in becoming leader of the Conservative Party and thus its on to the Liberals to see if she can get to the top there. It is a move of ambition.

Hopefully Canadians will see this for the desperate attempt of Paul Martin to cling to power no matter the cost that is it.