Sunday, May 15, 2005

Why we can't have a vote today

"Ladies and gentlemen, as the Prime Minister I am very, very concerned about you. Every man, woman and child in Canada is my number one priority. For your sake, for Canada's sake I know that it's time that we cleared the air immediately on whether or not this government actually has the confidence of Parliament. I firmly believe that vote we had the other night was a kind of straw poll, more than an actual confidence motion. If you read the motion you will find that it said the word "committee" in it. Obviously this means that the vote isn't valid, therefore I conclude that we actually do have the support of Parliament. But just to be double sure I am prepared to hold another vote pretty soon to lay this issue to rest.

We can't have the vote today because I have to get a haircut this afternoon. Tomorrow is out too because we have got a guy from Mali here that I'm supposed to hang out with. Next Monday won't work because Sheila has booked the cat to go see the vet about hairballs, and she can't handle the cat because he hates the car, and we don't have one of those travel cages. So it's pretty much up to me to do that. So as you can see, Monday is out. Tuesday and Wednesday I will travel to Regina to be with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The connections to and from Regina are awful so I will need at least two days for that. That leaves next Thursday. Next Thursday isn't that great either. I have a golf game scheduled with Herle, but I am prepared to set that aside for you. That's right -- I'm doing this for you. I'm looking at you right now through this television camera lens. Yes you, you are my number one priority. So, Thursday it is. That is the day that I think we can vote to affirm Parliament's support for this government. However, if something comes up we might have to delay things for a little while. Thank you."