Sunday, June 05, 2005

Au Revoi Bernard Landry

The Race to replace him is on

Apparantly according to the pundits Landry quitting is good for the Liberals, yeah, I don't really see why it is either, but they are the experts I'm sure they have reasons that they might even explain at some point. Now obviously, should Duceppe leave for provincial politics the Bloc would have to find a replacement who would be be inexperienced while Duceppe has become increasingly more impressive as a leader since his poor performance in his first campaign to now.

What I really don't see is how it would connect the seperatists to the Conservatives party "even more" to use the bizarre term used on TV. The PQ and the Bloc have always been closely connected, Bouchard left the Bloc to become PQ leader, it has nothing to do with the Conservatives at all.