Friday, June 03, 2005

A brief history of lying

Source via Small Dead Animals

When Gurmant Grewal first notified the public that he had been offered a cabinet post, the liberal party, including the Prime Minister, denied that anyone had ever talked to Gurmant. When Gurmant said that he had been recorded his conversations with liberal party members, the Prime Minister changed his story and said that liberal party members were negotiating with Gurmant, but that Gurmant initiated the negotiations. Paul Martin added that at no time did he ever agree to meet with the Conservative MP.

However, the audio tapes clearly show that the chief of staff for Prime Minister Paul Martin said, “The Prime Minister is prepared to talk to you directly both by phone and in person.” During question period in the House of Commons Conservative Party Leader Stephen Harper asked the Prime Minister why he said he was unwilling to meet with the Conservative MP when clearly he was.

Paul Martin answered by repeating his previous lie, that Gurmant initiated discussions with the liberal party. The Prime Minister also said that he gave specific instructions to senior party members that no offer could be given to entice a defection and at no time was the Prime Minister prepared to meet with the Conservative MP. Then Paul Martin ended his answer by saying, “obviously anyone would meet with somebody that was interested in crossing the floor.”

Stephen Harper then said, “The Prime Minister is shifting his story, because now he admits he did authorize his senior people to engage in discussions. Now yesterday in the House, I repeat, the Prime Minister said this, ‘at no time did I ever say that I would meet with the Honorable Member, yet his Health Minister is on tape saying, I talked to the Prime Minister moments ago. He will be happy to talk to you over the phone or in person. Why did the Prime Minister not tell the truth in the House of Commons?”

Paul Martin again changed his story by saying that he would not be willing to meet with the Conservative MP unless he joined the liberal party with no preconditions or offers from the liberals.

Stephen Harper pointed out this new story when he said, “Well this is another story, because the Prime Minister said he would never meet with him. Now he says he would meet with him under certain conditions. When the government was courting the member for Dauphin – Swan River (Inky Mark), the president of the treasury board said, ‘Only the Prime Minister has the authority to make an offer. Is not the reason the Prime Minister wanted to meet the Member from Newton – North Delta (Gurmant Grewal) is so that he could make him an offer, just as he did in several other cases that we are aware of?”

Treasury Board President Reg Alcock replied by saying, “The Prime Minister gave his chief of staff one instruction, not to make any offers and that was the case. The Prime Minister has been very clear about this.”

So the question remains, if the Prime Minister was so clear about not offering any deals to Gurmant Grewal for him to cross the floor and join the liberal party, why do the tapes reveal that this is exactly what happened?

When Gurmant talked to Sudesh Kalia, discussions were made about a senate seat. The transcripts also talk about a diplomatic position in India. They talked about procedure involving a hand shake to seal the deal, with a delivery on promises one to two months in the future. When Gurmant talked to Ujjal Dosanjh, the liberal Health Minister, the conversation involved an offer of a cabinet position, which could be arranged right away. A cabinet position is what former Conservative MP Belinda Stronach was given when she joined the liberal party. Scott Bryson, another former Conservative also sits in the liberal cabinet. The Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff, Tim Murphy, is also on tape coaching Gurmant Grewal in what to say to the media in the event he was to join the liberals. “Am I being offered anything? You say ‘NO’,” is what Mr. Murphy said.

Oh what tangled web Paul Martin is weaving, by lying, lying about his lies and telling more lies in the hope it all go away.

But the media seems to be buying each lie as it is offered, so I guess Paul will keep lying and hope that everyone just gets so confused that they'll assume that he must be telling the truth after all.