Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Conservatives are getting down in the grit, from Stephen Taylor

A recent unscientific poll on the CTV website asks whether the Liberals, Conservatives or both appear in an unflattering light given the Grewal incident. While most pick the Liberals, "both" comes in just behind, and a few pick the Conservatives. While those who picked "Conservative" likely represent partisan Liberals (or the generally unaware), those that picked "both" show that the Conservatives are spending electoral capital on this scandal. Hopefully, for Conservatives, when the dust settles, the balance of the diminished electoral support will favour our party. I advise that it certainly will not unless we bolster the negative campaign with our positive plan for Canadians.

I think that they always realized that it would come out that way, that's why they aren't really pressing as hard as they can on it, though perhaps if they attacked more vigorously they would improve the impression that they are making, but I somewhat doubt it to be honest.