Thursday, June 30, 2005

Crackdown on alleged pirates

Authorities made multiple arrests of alleged internet pirates today continuing their hardline strategy in dealing with a problem that they will never succeed in controlling.

There's always been piracy, but with the internet it has become far easier and less criminal seeming to do so, and the simple reality is that a certain percentage of people are going to persist in cracking software and making it available no matter what they might do to try and stop it, and I am unconvinced that the tactics used thus far will be successful.

Also, earlier this week the U.S. Supreme Court decided against Grokster meaning that creaters of file-sharing programs could be held liable for being used for illegal file-sharing, the precise wording in the decision being, "One who distributes a device with the object of promoting its use to infringe copyright ... is liable for the resulting acts of infringement by third parties using the device, regardless of the device's lawful uses."