Friday, June 03, 2005

Half of Canadians find homosexuality to be unnatural

I love the sub-heading: "Quebecers are more tolerant than most, according to poll" of course those who find it to be unnatural are intolerant ignorants.

"Results like these are the reason gay and lesbian organizations still have work to do," said Christopher DiRaddo, a spokesperson for Divers Cite, the organizer of Montreal's annual Gay Pride week and parade.

"People ask us if we really need to stage a parade anymore, and with these answers, obviously we still do," DiRaddo said.

The parade is a useless display of excess that does nothing to advance their cause and only serves to mock and anger those who oppose to the gay lifestyle. They damage a lot of their arguments by going out parading half naked and celebrating what religious people find to be immoral behaviour, I think that if they really want to advance their cause they should find a better less blatantly provocative way to go about doing so.