Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Liberals bought votes with TRPs

Angry notes page 19 of a report entitles "Many Shades of Grey"

In the final analysis, the Department of Citizenship and Immigration, through their Department of Justice counsel, provided my Office with a list of persons who were granted ministerial Temporary Residence Permits (TRPs) during the period from May 25 to June 28, 2004. From this list, 128 individuals were granted TRPs by the Minister during the 2004 federal election campaign. When this list was compared with lists obtained from the Minister's office under subpoena and as referred to in allegation "G", we were able to identify 94 specific files. Of these, 43 were authorized by the Minister during the last week of the federal election campaign. In 76 cases, a specific MP is listed as supporting the application. Of these, two were supported by a Conservative MP, while the remaining 74 were identified with Liberal MPs. Of these 74 cases, 24 were identified directly with Minister Sgro, 19 of which were approved between June 23, 2004 and June 25, 2004.

The breakdown

* 128 permits issued during the 5 weeks of the 2004 federal campaign

* 43, or 33%, were issued in the final week of the campaign

* 76, or 59%, of the TRPs were supported by an MP
o of these 76 TRPs , 24, or 31%, were supported by Judy Sgro herself

o 19, or 80%, of Judy Sgro's TRPs were issued in the last 24 hours of the campaign

o another 50, or 66%, of the MP-supported TRPs issued during the election went to Liberal MPs

o only 2, or 3%, of the MP-supported TRPs issued during the election went to Conservative MPs

Coincidence I'm sure. The Liberals would never do something like buy votes, I mean next you'll be trying to tell me that they would offer Ministerial appointments and Senate seats in exchange for support on a confidence motion.