Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Monte blogging from committee

"This is so wrong"

Oh, and this is a completely different subject but I thought it was funny but not worth its own post.

Oh and since I'm doing a Monte round-up, this one is also well worth reading.

I have done an indepth analysis of the latest polls and have decided that they are stupid. Come on, people still want to vote for the Libs with all that SPONSORSHIP SCANDAL stuff and the NDP BUDGET DEAL and the VOTE BUYING SCANDAL and the fact that they have Cabinet Minister's like JOE VOLPE and REG ALCOCK who bury the needle on the arrogance meter? You know you live in a very special country when a cabinet minister can speculate about using his powers to deport an opposition Member of Parliament, and it all just gets shrugged off.

Therefore, reason decrees that the the polls are junk. Or at the very least people are parking their votes with the Libs while they dream about going to the lake.