Thursday, June 02, 2005

More on Grewel tapes

No criminal investigation yet

Though some nice subtle bias here, "Why won't the prime minister admit he's engaged in a sordid deal-making practice," yelled Conservative Deputy Leader Peter MacKay.

"I made it very clear that I would not meet with the honourable member unless it was under conditions he would cross the floor, with no requests being accepted, no offers being made," Martin responded.

By slipping that yelled in there they nicely infer that it is the Conservatives spoiling the supposed decorem of the House while Martin is making nice reasoned "responses"

Why we can't shrug off Grewel tapes

Though I will say that despite it being against Canadian law I think most people will agree that it has been done for years, likely since Confederation, if you look at people who cross the floor most likely received at least temporary benefits from it, though it is generally a bad long term career move.

How low can the Liberals go?

Yesterday, Martin acknowledged that he was in the loop in all this

Calgary grit on the 'proper' translation

Brock: "Maybe there is something to be said for this moral decay in our society"

In the game of partisan politics, there is certainly a game being played; a game that has been played masterfully by the Liberal party for decades. The Grewal affair brings light to aspects of that game, which in reality, should already be self-evident truths: the liberals are tired, directionless and corrupt.

If Grewal was actively trying to architect the entrapment of Liberals, then he was doing something which does not meet my moral standards of conduct, in politics or in life. I severely hope my gut feeling is wrong.

The most striking aspect of this – for any neutral observer – will be that indeed, these things are held as self-evident truths, to which no higher standard is expected or aspired to by the electorate.

I’m certainly no theologian, and I’m well-known to be atheist, but maybe there is something to be said for this moral decay in our society. Perhaps it’s not the Liberals who are corrupt after all. No, maybe the person we’re looking for is standing right in front of the mirror.

Monte Solberg

After hearing those tapes we might be tempted to conclude that politics is a very bad thing. We might become bitter and then inflict our ugly cynicism on our friends down at Tim Horton's. It is very tempting to do that. I myself have dabbled in it. But that is something that friends should never do to friends.

To do that would be more than a mistake, it would be a crime against democracy. It would be a total surrender to the tawdry status quo.