Wednesday, June 22, 2005


I couldn't think of a creative title so I stole Monte's

The Conservative Party gets official standing in a Montana court in an effort to overturn an injunction that prohibits Canadian live cattle from going into the US. Rick Casson and Diane Finley just went after the Libs on this House because the Libs incredibly didn't file a government intervention. How pathetic is that?

Andy Mitchell blustered in his little way about all that he's done. Hmmm. Okay fine, Andy you're really trying hard, but why didn't they even TRY to overturn the Montana judgment? I knew the Libs don't respect rural Canada, but why not at least go through the motions and humour us? Yeesh.

Andy Mitchell, "Blah, blah, two billion dollars, blah blah, working hard doing something, not entirely sure what, but I'm sure it'll do some good, blah blah, border still closed but don't blame us, blah blah."