Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Same-sex marriage bill passes

As I had expected it would, the same-sex marriage bill passed today, thus making Canada the third country in the world to officially sanction same-sex marriage.

The Liberals delayed and delayed with moving forward with this legislation until they were forced to do something about it and then they rammed it through instead of making sure that there was as much protection available to those who might descent with the law as possible.

I predict that shortly there will be a same-sex couple who will approach a church for marriage knowing that they will be refused and then take it to court as a human rights violation and win.

Monte Solberg, At least we've got our priorities wrong

Both the Libs and dippers claim that gay marriage is a fundamental human right, on par apparently with the right to life and freedom of speech, but insisted that their wacky spending bill, Bill C 48, should pass through the House before the Gay Marriage Bill. In other words, the "fundamental human right" is secondary to "the deal Paul needed to save his corrupt party".