Sunday, June 05, 2005

Terrorists or Freedom fighters?

Canada has added the People's Mujahedeen of Iran to its terror list despite historically being supportive of them and their cause and the fact that unlike most terror organizations they are fighting for deomcracy in Iran.

That said they do use force in their attempts to achieve their goal, and a Canadian official on the CBC radio program the House explained the using force to achieve your ends, no matter what those goals may be, would qualify you as a terrorist. So, by that definition, George Washington was a terrorist leader...

The issue is really this, why did Canada shift its position on the organization from moderate support to putting them on their terror list, particularly when the regime that they are fighting is the Iranian one with which Canada has been waging a diplomatic war with for the last two years (and failing miserably seeing has how Iran isn't particularly interested in diplomacy)? Well, maybe it was political, maybe it was a pathetic and contemptible attempt to pacify the Iranians in an idiotic hope that it will protect Canada and Canadians in the future. Is the Canadian government that much of a wuss that it would do this for that reason? Or did it have good reason to put the PMOI on its terror list?

What makes one a terrorist anyway?