Friday, June 17, 2005

Tory MP introduces party hopping bill

In light of Stronach's defection Helena Guergis introduces bill that would force a bi-election within thirty-five days of switching parties

First of all, that wouldn't have affected Stronach really as she still would have had time to vote for the budget, the only affect that it would have had is that it would have weakened her "voters don't want an election now" excuse as her riding they would have had one then.

However, party-swapping has long been part of Canada's system and I don't think that it need be stopped. There are many possible reasons as to why a person might switch parties and it happens farily regularly, the difference with Stronach was simply A. the timing, and B. that she was a big-name member of the Conservatives.

If it had gone the other way and a Liberal MP switched to the Tories last minute would there still be a big fuss about how undemocratic such a thing is?