Sunday, July 03, 2005

Brooks Brown on video game violence

Former Columbine student who was friends with both the killers and people killed wrote an interesting piece about video game violence. I'm not sure that I agree with all of his logic, but the core of it I think is true

the kids weren't pushed into doing bad things - they CHOSE it. My parents finally realized that parents suck. It's the parents fault. You don't get this - my PARENTS realized it's the PARENTS fault.

While I'm not a major gamer by any means, I do play games and yes, I do play violent games. Of all the times that I've played GTA, I've never once had a desire to randomly beat someone to death or steal a car or kill a cop in real life, but I've done all three things before in GTA, why and how can I say that it doesn't effect me? Simple, it's a video game, I'm completely aware that I'm playing a game, it's not a real cop, it's not a real pedestrian, it's not a real hooker, it's just a game, and not really a very accurate portrayal of any existing reality either.

Games are what they are, same with movies, or music, they aren't going to drive anyone to do anything, or at least, they won't be the root cause.