Friday, July 08, 2005

Hate-crimes in Saskatoon

Small Dead Animals

Via several callers to John Gormley LIve today, the level of violence by Indian gangs in Saskatoon is escalating - and it's being directed towards whites at random, often as part of gang initiations. The latest attack occured in front of Mac's store on Canada Day, sending at least one young teenager to hospital, and injuring 10 to 15 others.

One parent described arriving on the scene to overhear "this is what you get for celebrating the day you stole our land". Another caller described an separate incident in which members of the Indian Posse pulled two of his co-workers out of a truck and knifed them.

Though Gormley tried hard to redirect comments from the racial angle to the more PC "disaffected youth" euphanism, it didn't work very well - the parents whose children have been the targets of the attacks weren't playing that game. As one remarked - if there were large gangs of white teenagers swarming Indian kids at a First Nations event to earn their gang colours, it would be national news.

Hard not to argue.

Emphasis mine, are we so afraid of appearing racist, that we are forced to ignore racism if it is committed by the right (wrong?) people?