Monday, July 18, 2005

It's all Harper's fault

Apparently Stephen Harper is entirely to blame for the Conservatives position in the polls.

OTTAWA (CP) - The gift of scandal and voter fatigue with the four-term Liberal government have done little for Stephen Harper's Conservatives, a new poll suggests.

A Pollara poll gives the Liberals a commanding advantage - 11 points ahead of their arch-rivals, with staggering leads in battlegrounds like B.C., the Toronto area and Atlantic Canada. Pollara's chairman says the Canadian electorate wants to punish the Liberals and there's only one explanation for such a large lead.

"The whole thing is Stephen Harper at this stage," said Michael Marzolini, who was a longtime Liberal pollster.

"Liberal support is artificially high now because of him.

"If the Conservatives didn't have this hamstring around them . . . they would be in the high 40s in the polls.

"A Brian Mulroney type of Conservative leader would have Conservatives in the 50s right now."

Instead the Official Opposition lagged behind at 27 per cent - while the Liberals were at 38 per cent, the Pollara poll suggested. The NDP was at 15 per cent.

Bullshit it is all Harper's fault, oh sure, he mightn't be the greatest leader ever, but he surely isn't the worst. There are significant factors beside the fact that Stephen Harper is the leader of the party that are holding them back in the polls, and it is easy to say if there was someone else, why, the Tories would be doing so much better, because after all, we don't have a different leader so who really knows how we would be doing if we did.

The pundits have repeatedly bashed Stephen Harper for not being charismatic enough, for seeming to angry, for not being all the things that they maligned Stockwell Day for being. No matter who we have as a leader we are not going to get positive press.

And anyways, as I've said before: There is no other obvious replacement. Sure, people say McKay, but he'll never win as leader for one simple reason, the western half of the party won't vote for him. He might have what the media thinks that the Tories need, a bit of charisma, good looks, etc, but he is one of the driving forces behind the Liberal-lite movement of the party that is doing it no favours.