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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Triumph of Government

CQ on who was really incompetent

Democrats a party of "juvenile mudslingling"

Celine Dion embarrassing

Monday, September 05, 2005

Sean Penn gets into the rescuing spirit, along with his personal photographer and a leaky boat, I guess he and the rest of the Hollywood blowhards can't criticise Bush for help not arriving fast enough as it took an entire week for Penn to get there, but then, securing a good quality boat with room for the photographer takes time, and one wouldn't want to go into the city when it was too dangerous. He's a hero, but not one that wants to risk himself too much, not that much of a hero.

Calgary team walks out of tournament after Sikh player barred from playing for refusing to removing his headscarf

Canadians support socialism

Nationalize Oil industry!

Yes, let's look at Russia and the economic and environmental mess that they are in, nationalization sure did them a lot of good, and anyways, how is it being owned by the government actually going to lower prices? All it will do is drive away foreign investers.

Monte Solberg on fixed gas prices

Defense Department Briefing on Ongoing National Guard Response to Hurricane Katrina.

Anatomy of what went wrong

Colby Cosh

I have a persistent fantasy of organizing ear-blasting soccer-style singing by the Oilers fans at the Coliseum. How hard do you think this would be? I figure you'd have to get about a thousand very loud people on-side and organize it both inside and outside the stadium. Even with pre-trained plants, it would be a tough sell to Canadians. (The Edmonton Eskimos have been trying to teach fans the old Esks fight song for years now, with only modest success. But that's making the task as hard as humanly possible. The song's tonal difficulties make it nearly impossible for a crowd to sing--after hearing it dozens of times I can still never remember what key the current line is supposed to end in

That statement only makes sense if he's referring to the American anthem, because Oh Canada is incredibly easy to sing, and if he finds it to be tonally difficult I can only conclude that he's a terrible singer.

England's slender one-nil victory over a side with one star (the defiantly patriotic Ryan Giggs) isn't likely to frighten the trousers off of any of its finals opponents. Certainly not the Americans, who may have silenced widespread doubts about their FIFA no. 6 ranking on Saturday by thumping Mexico 2-0 in Columbus, Ohio. After the game--I repeat: after the game--Mexico's coach, Ricardo Lavolpe, was quoted as saying "The U.S. is a small team. They play like my sister, my aunt and my grandmother." The Mexican side he coaches has now been shut out seven consecutive times on U.S. soil; I realize things are different in Latin countries, but if I were a national selector, I'd be out for the blood, head, and entrails of any coach who badmouthed a team he couldn't beat on the road.

The Mexicans obviously should put the coach's sister, aunt and grandmother on the team.

Police caught looting on video
Cosh on NOPD

On 9/11, and in the days afterward, the New York police indelibly stamped their nickname--the "Finest"--on the pages of history. It appears that the New Orleans Police Department, in its most difficult hour, has also confirmed the truth of its traditional nickname: "North America's Sleaziest Bastards."

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Look at that, no Greene and the Riders score.

Thousands of people would not have been trapped if New Orleans was a more affluent city

Not because the 'racist' political leaders would have responded faster however, but simply that more affluent people would be more able to get out of the city prior to the hurricane.

CQ posts here and here.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Colby Cosh

No one ever claims that $15-a-barrel oil is any threat to the country because it hurts Alberta. Yet US$70-a-barrel oil, which hurts Ontario, instantly sends everyone rallying 'round the flag. The inescapable implication is that "Confederation's interests" are equivalent to Ontario's -- just as we suspected all along.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Too sick to shoot up?

We'll do it for you



Wolf Blitzer: They are so black

Michael Moore: Bush is a racist!

Also found interesting at the end:
Moore acknowledged that "there will be those who will try to politicize this tragedy and try to use it against you." He suggested that Bush not respond to his critics.

Moore of course not being one of those people who would ever stoop to such a low as to take advantage of a disaster to make a political point? I'm surprised he's not down there making it into a documentary.

New Orleans was ripe for collapse

Criminals have ruled New Orleans for some time, convincing many members of the middle class, long before the hurricane, that the city was unlivable. In 1994, New Orleans was the murder capital of America. It had 421 murders that year. Criminologists predicted 300 murders this year, a projection that now looks quite conservative.

Criminals dominate their neighborhoods to the point that people don't even call in crimes. The district attorney's office, tacitly admitting that the city's law-abiding citizens live in fear, has taken the "unusual" step of establishing a local witness protection program to encourage the reporting of crime, reports AP.

According to the New Orleans Police Foundation, most murderers get off -- only 1 in 4 are convicted -- and 42 percent of cases involving serious crimes since 2002 have been dropped by prosecutors.

Meanwhile, cops, when they can get away with it, have been living out of town. It is far too scary for them and their families.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Katrina is all Bush's fault

Says German Minister Jeurgan Tritten

One wouldn't want the facts to get in the way of advancing your political agenda after all.