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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Alberta seniors' cribbage game called illegal gambling

Authorities in Alberta say monthly cribbage tournaments for seniors at three veterans clubs amount to illegal gambling because they offer a cash prize.

The warning from the province's gaming and liquor commissioner comes as a result of a complaint from a person in Edmonton about cribbage tournaments at the Army, Navy and Air Force Veterans Clubs. There are three of the clubs in Alberta, one in Edmonton, another in Lethbridge and the third in Grande Prairie.

As a result of an investigation, the commissioner ruled that even though the stakes are small, it still amounts to illegal gambling. The club in Edmonton contacted its other two branches and passed along the warning.

Top 199 Liberal Scandals

Rite Turn Only

Yeah but look at the economy.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Peter McKay needs to clue in that going around contradicting Harper for a few minutes of media attention isn't going to help the Conservatives, but more importantly for him, it's not going to help him become Conservative leader.

In fact the day that Peter McKay becomes Tory leader is the day that I quit the party.

When will there be a real debate on healthcare?

Polls consistantly state that about half of Canadians are willing to pay for healthcare and yet nobody will dare openly support the possibility. Why doesn't Harper just stand up and say that the current system is in utter shambles and denying that there's a problem and saying how great the system is and how it 'defines' us as Canadians (how do you get defined by a healthcare system?) and some privatization would ease the burden on the public system as those who can afford to pay for it do so making room for those who cannot to receive more expediant care in the public system.

The Conservatives spend far to much time trying to avoid controversial issues that will cause them bad press instead of at least fully addressing issues. Maybe they have stated a full, clear platform on healthcare but if they have, I haven't seen it.

Whatever they don't say, the media will make up for them.

What the hell does tax cuts have to do with same-sex marriage?

Let's not be biased or anything.

After faltering in the early days, it's likely a welcome turnaround for the Conservative leader who on the first full day of campaigning touched off a firestorm when he restated his promise to ban future same-sex marriages if that's the will expressed in a free vote in the Commons.

Of course he only reiterated that promise after a reporter brought it up following a speech in which Harper never mentioned the issue.