Friday, February 03, 2006

The Danish cartoons

In the name of free speech, and on the suggestion of Angry, I'm posting a few of the cartoons.

Which I have to say is actually fairly funny.

That seems to be the most widely reposted, or at least the one that I saw first.

Lastly a good suggestion from the cartoonist which is sadly being ignored.

Mostly my thoughts have already been stated, Steve Janke already summoned it up fairly clearly. If Chistianity is fair game for being mocked, then why shouldn't Islam? And the reaction of Muslims (death to Denmark etc.) to me is all the more reason for why they should be criticized, if we back off and apologize every time we say anything that might possibly offend them, what does that say about us? Certainly we shouldn't allow extremists to control our rights to free speech.