Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Kate puts it best

I live in a province in which the conservative party of the day once won both the highest number of seats and the popular vote - only to watch two Liberals take cabinet positions in a Romanow government as their price for keeping the NDP in power. And they still have power.

There wasn't much the SaskParty could do about it, but at least the purity of their principle kept conservatives warm at night.

Well, no it didn't, come to think of it. A lot of our best and brightest left the province and they still do. While dippers nationwide swoon at the mention of Romanow today, Saskatchewan's economy endures crumbling infrastructure, declining population, rising crime rates, predatory crown corporations and the worst business tax environment in the Western world.

So, here is some very old advice, from a source many will recognize -" Don't strain at a gnat and swallow a camel."

I'm glad a Liberal MP crossed and I hope more of them do. David Emerson's a big boy, he can face the deserved criticism from the electors. But should he become the first floor-crosser in modern Canadian history forced to run in a byelection just to prove a point about "Conservative principle"?

Are we nuts??

Small Dead Animals

More from Steve Janke

[I]t seems like small dead animals and Angry in the Great White North are virtually alone. Just about everyone on the right is dumping on David Emerson's appointment to Stephen Harper's cabinet, some suggesting this is Canada's equivalent to the Harrier Miers nomination to the Supreme Court in the United States.

This is silly. Harriet Miers was unqualified, and clearly a patronage apppointment by President George W Bush. David Emerson is very qualified, and Stephen Harper owes him nothing.

And Harper himself said immediately after Stronach left that he was opposed to legislation limiting a Member of Parliament from being able to cross the floor. Harper anyways is being consistent, perhaps he recognized at the time the possibility that he might one day form a minority government and would be looking himself for a member or two from the other side...

While I'm not entirely sure that Harper should get out the Liberals book of dirty tricks to keep the Liberals down, I don't think that this qualifies as a dirty trick. Members cross the floor all the time for all sorts of different reasons, and it is their right to do so, I see more to be lost than gained if we curtail or even prevent this.