Saturday, February 11, 2006

Michael Coren...

...on the Danish cartoons.

It is absolutely acceptable and even desirable to make fun of the Taliban, Osama bin Laden and many other fanatical Muslims and Muslim organizations. But when we are told that Mohammed should not be depicted and should certainly not be depicted in an insulting manner, perhaps we should listen.


In some ways it is shocking to see men, women and children outraged and taking to the streets to defend their religion against crude blasphemy. But in others ways it's refreshing and delightful. I say again that violence is wrong, but that muscular protest against hatred is not.

Sorry, I cannot and will not join the ranks of the smug God-haters who refuse to understand a person's love for their faith.

If you draw a cartoon that intends to offend, don't be surprised when it has the desired effect.

It's not that they are offended that bothers me, it's the attempts to censor the media to fit with their sensibilities that upsets me. It's the fact that they routinely publish far more offensive cartoons themselves. It's that the west repeatedly rolls over and plays dead in desperation to appease a group of fanatics because we are so concerned that one of them might come and crash and airplane into a building or blow himself up.

Should we respect other peoples religions and sensibilities? Sure, but they could try doing the same thing themselves perhaps.