Monday, February 06, 2006

Misguided blog started to get rid of Emerson, or more specifically, force him to run for as a Tory candidate in a bi-election. I'll state again, I do not oppose members crossing the floor. While I was disgusted with the blatant opportunitism of Stronach's defection and the timing of it, I support her right to be able to do it, and the same stands for Emerson. While I don't think that this is quite as much the case of crass opportunism and, unlike Stronach, Emerson is actually qualified, obviously there is a certain amount of opportunism involved here. So what? Sure the voters didn't vote for a Conservative, but in the end these things end up essentially as a wash in my opinion.

So should he have to run in a bi-election? I don't think so, just as I didn't think that Stronach should have to either.