Friday, February 10, 2006

More idiocy from Garth Turner

Apparently we Conservatives actually like Liberal governments and all our work to get rid of them was a fucking sham.

Now he wants to be an independent? That'll really boost his influence.

Small Dead Animals

Instead of getting sucked into putting out brushfires, [Harper's] letting them burn out on their own. Let them froth and fret and chase down attention-seeking backbenchers. (Note to Garth "so indignant about floorcrossing I'm thinking of crossing the floor" Turner - you look bad. Media hound bad. You need to look in a mirror and figure out whether this is about principle - or just about you. And that's coming from someone who has been cutting you a lot of slack.)

As someone who hasn't been cutting Turner much (any?) slack, I have to agree.

Ezra Levant

Many people are criticizing the cabinet picks. Much of the conservative punditocracy and blogosphere is -- that's their job; no crime there. Much of the Tory caucus and cabinet is, too -- maybe even most of them. Again, that's their job, no crime there. But they're doing it in caucus and cabinet.

They understand that for a government to survive -- especially a minority government, in power for the first time in over a decade -- it must show discipline and unity, at least outwardly. That discipline has its limits, of course, pace John Nunziata's principled dissent on the core Liberal promise of a GST cut. Is Turner really at that point -- has he really put a good faith effort into resolving the problem within caucus or the party itself? Is it a do-or-die issue with him? Is this really his issue -- did he ever express such a democratic hankering when he was an MP in Brian Mulroney's or Kim Campbell's rather, uh, top-down administrations? Perhaps he is a late convert to the Reform Party's principles; too bad that party no longer exists.

Back to reality, please. This is a showboat MP acting out -- someone who resents not being in cabinet, who expected that he would be. He knows that he can get as much airtime as a cabinet minister if he dishes his own party, all in the name of democracy.

From the comments on the Shotgun:
But why can't PM Harper admit he made a mistake, and call a by-election and have Mr. Emerson run as a Conservative? Harper would be admitting that he's not perfect and he should have never appointed a turncoat to Cabinet.

Which is all well and good if Harper made a mistake, the thing is, I don't think that he did, and I am pretty sure that he doesn't think so either.