Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Why should anyone give a shit?


Note, I meant who gives a shit in regards to whether or not they were gambling on sports. I have always failed to understand why this is such a bad thing, even if they were betting on hockey I wouldn't care, the only way that you can legitimately argue it as a bad thing would be if they were fixing games, which they are not under any suspicion of doing, so to me, there is no big scandal here, it's just not a big deal, or even a small one.

The Meatriarchy comments.

here’s nothing worse than a “serious” sports story because it brings out all the wannabe-serious-journalists in the sports media who are just longing to pontificate on really important stuff and stroke their beards in a professorial manner while making harrrumphing noises.

The most hypocritical part of this is that all of these outlets make sports wagering part of their content. The Fan has regular features from someone called “The Tipster” who used to be this older sounding guy but has now been replaced by a young guy doing a very crappy imitation of the old guy. Anyway the Tipster comes on every day to give you the odds on upcoming games and recommend who you should bet on “all in fun” wink, wink. Additionally every Sunday morning the Fan has a program entirely devoted to NFL football betting. Check all the papers and they will have betting lines and odds on every sport.

Yet now they will be making dire predictions about how this awful scandal will wreck Gary Bettman’s attempts to sell NHL in the US because, well, people who bet on footbal will become enraged to find out that some hockey player may have bet on football and therefore they will banish the NHL to the land of wind and ghosts.